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About the Reach Refresher Course

ITSSARWe are a Category 2 ITSSAR and AITT accredited mechanical handling equipment (fork lift truck) test centre find out more at the Lantra, ITSSAR and AITT websites.

TOPSAll our training is accredited under the national Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS).

We offer training to employees in the public sector and commercial businesses, individuals and people on Government schemes.

What will you learn?

Chester Reach Refresher Course - Reach Refresher Training, Certificate and LicenceThe Reach Refresher forklift truck course is designed to give the trained Certificated Fork Lift Truck Operator whose certificate is due for renewal a refresher training day on skills that he/she should have learnt when they first qualified.

Maximum number of students per course is 3.


Reach Refresher course near Chester details

Reach Refresher Courses are a 1 day course delivered with a maximum of 3 people per course. Includes Photo-ID Card and training.


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